‘Marvel’s 616’ Disney+ Docuseries Previewed at Comic-Con@Home

Disney+ has been on a winning streak with docuseries such as The Imagineering Story, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, and Into the Unknown: Making Frozen II. Each series celebrated a specific type of fandom with exhaustive looks at the subject matter, providing enjoyment for novice fans as well as those who could helped write the scripts. Marvel Fans: you’re about to get your very own.

Comic-Con@Home’s panel on Marvel’s 616, detailed the upcoming eight episode Disney+ docuseries that will cover the history of Marvel Comics, not through a chronological approach, but through the unique lens of a series of directors.

Actor/directors Gillian Jacobs, Paul Scheer, executive producer Sarah Amos, and executive producer Jason Sterman spoke with moderator Angélique Roché about their approach to the series and Jacobs and Scheer’s individual episodes.

Amos discussed the wide range of subjects and paths that 616 takes, saying that “…the thing I love so much about the series is we’re going to introduce you to so many different types of faces and different types of people who have been so integral to the stories we tell and the content we create, and haven’t all necessarily had a moment in the spotlight.”

Jacobs’ episode, “Higher, Further, Faster: Trailblazing Women of Marvel Comics,” centers on the creation of Kamala Khan, otherwise known to fans as the current Ms. Marvel. Jacob’s discussed how the episode started out being all about the first female Muslim superhero in Marvel comics history, but then expanded to highlight the contributions of trailblazing women in the industry such as Marie Severin and Louise Simonson. The episode also profiles many of the women currently writing comics such as Ms. Marvel creator G. Willow Wilson.

Scheer’s episode “Lost and Found,” profiles some of the stranger, quirkier characters in the history of Marvel such as Doctor Druid, Typeface, and the Whizzer. As Sheer stated “We all know the major players, but then there’s that weird uncle that you only see once every four years.” Scheer was also able to sit down with a number of current writers such as Reginald Hudlin, Donny Cates, and Gerry Duggan to hear about their favorite picks as well.

Check out the two preview clips below and stay tuned to Conskipper for more information about this upcoming series.

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