Mark Russell and Sean Izaakse Tell New Version of ‘Fantastic Four: Life Story’

After Chip Zdarsky and Mark Bagley’s successful retelling of Spider-Man’s history in Spider-Man: Life Story, writer Mark Russell and artist Sean Izaakse will next explore the 60-year history of the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four: Life Story, starting this May.

The new series will explore the entire history of the Fantastic Four from start to finish, set against the backdrop of key events through the decades in which the stories of the “First Family of Marvel” were published.

Russell is excited to get the opportunity to tell the Four’s story, and the focus will be on the family dynamic of the group. Russell stated that “What I’ve always loved about the Fantastic Four is how it reduces the cosmic struggle of human survival to the scale of a family squabble while treating personal relationships as a matter of truly galactic importance. Weaving their story and their world into our story and what’s happened in our world over the last sixty years was an important reminder to me of how smart it is to approach life like that.”

Izaakse considers the assignment ” and honor” and “…what makes it even more so is being part of the team that gets to tell such a moving and heartfelt story about these iconic characters, their struggles and triumphs in a new way that draws on what has come before.”

Take a look at the cover for issue one of Fantastic Four: Life Story below. If you’d like to read more about Mark Russel’s previous work for DC and Ahoy Comics, check out our exclusive interview with the writer right here.

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