‘Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens’ Artist Bridgit Connell: The Conskipper Interview

The World of Lord Baltimore grows this week with the debut of Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens. The architects of the Outerverse, Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden, welcome artist Bridgit Connell to the fold in Dark Horse Comics Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens #1 and Connell is happy to join the team on the expansion of Lord Baltimore’s world. Connell spoke to Conskipper about the opportunity to work with Mignola and Golden, drawing monsters, and her opinions on Sofia as the new lead character in the series.

How did you become involved in Lady Baltimore?

Bridgit Connell: I’m very lucky I suppose! I received an email from Katii O’Brien that was, to me, completely out of the blue, asking me to be a part of the team. I’ve been a fan of Mike’s for a very long time, so after I somehow managed to collect myself off the floor I said “Absolutely!”

Issue one throws readers in the deep end of the pool right from the start with a multitude of creatures.  What was it like having to draw so many different, unique monsters?  Do you have a favorite?

Connell: It was a lot of fun experimenting and designing, and getting a chance to see a bit into Mike’s brain on what makes a monster fit into the Mignolaverse was pretty cool. His directions make sense in a really immediate and effortless way. My favorites are the winged beasts in issue two––those were the biggest learning experience for me, and they’re just so menacing. I also really like the tons of little spiky guys in issue #1. Their skin is super loose, which makes them weirdly stretchy.

How much leeway did you have in designing the creatures and the look of the human characters?

Connell: When it comes to monsters, there’s definitely a solid vision there, so I work a bit more to get it right. I think it’s because with monsters there are SO many possibilities, you really want to reach for the ones that keep that Outerverse world consistent. The characters are a subject I lean more toward Chris to discuss. He’s really tuned into their emotions and personalities, which I LOVE about his writing. He definitely has a few ideas about design or hairstyles, which I’ll be able to play with to find something that works!

Thoughts on working with Mike and Christopher and from their scripts?

Connell: It’s been an absolute delight! Honestly after getting the job, I was preparing myself in case it was a bit stressful, as I’ve never worked for a company like Dark Horse before. But both Mike and Chris have been gracious in hearing my own ideas art-wise, and answering any questions I may have.

The whole team, honestly, has been amazing. Katii O’Brien and Jenny Blenk as editors have been absolutely fantastic to work with, too. Michelle Madsen is a powerhouse on colors, and Abigail Larson has been KILLING it on these covers!! Seriously, I could not have asked for a better team. I won’t say too much about the scripts, as I am prone to get excited rambling about them and accidentally reveal something too early!

How would you describe Lady Baltimore to those who haven’t read the previous Lord Baltimore series?

Connell: First off, I will say this series does an excellent job of filling you in if you haven’t read the previous Baltimore series. As for Sofia, she is a real brawler, which I love. She’s not a superhero, completely unpowered, a woman who relies on her determination and her resources, as well as leading a small band of fighters against the evil that remains in the world. It takes place just as WWII is unraveling, and she’s exactly who you’d want on your team to kick some Nazi butts.

Upcoming projects? 

Connell: Nothing to be revealed at the moment!

Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens #1 (of 5) will be available on March 24 at finer comic shops everywhere.

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