Spider-Man Villains Face Off Against Other Heroes on June’s Variant Covers

Spider-Man has one of the best rogue’s gallery of villains in the history of comics, and Peter and Miles are willing to share this June with 20 all-new variant covers featuring common and rare adversaries.

Marvel artists such as Javier Garron, Leinil Francis Yu, Declan Shalvey, Ryan Stegman, Carlos Pacheco, and Natacha Bustos will illustrate match-ups between a number of Web-free heroes and the Sinister Villains of Spider-Man.

Check out the extensive list below (which even includes 1970’s favorite Stegron!) and the Hulk vs. Rhino variant by Shalvey.

  • Black Cat vs. Scorpia
  • Black Widow vs. Electro
  • Captain America vs. Kraven the Hunter
  • Captain Marvel vs. Vulture
  • Fantastic Four vs. Sandman
  • Iron Man vs. Boomerang
  • Jean Grey & Emma Frost vs. Beetle (Janice Lincoln)
  • Silk vs. White Rabbit
  • Spider-Man vs. Chameleon
  • Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus
  • Spider-Man vs. Taskmaster & Black Ant
  • Star-Lord vs. Trapster
  • Thor vs. Lizard
  • Wolverine vs. Stegron

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