Kelly Thompson and Meredith McClaren Don ‘Black Cloak’ for New Image Comics Series

Kelly Thompson and Meredith McClaren merge film noir and fantasy elements in their upcoming ongoing series Black Cloak.

The new series arrives in January 2023 from Image Comics and Thompson describes Black Cloak as “…essentially all of my favorite things—detective stories, fantasy creatures and magic, neo-noir sci-fi—thrown into a blender and made into something thrillingly new…or if not new, then at least new-ISH.”

Thompson is also “…excited to be teaming up with Meredith again on a project where we can really cut loose with world-building and design. I can never get enough of how Meredith’s brain works and she has breathed incredible super cool life into Black Cloak.”

It appears that McClaren didn’t need much convincing to sign on to the project, as the artist said that “Kelly asked me to and I like her a whole lot.”

Thompson’s and McClaren’s series begins with a triple-length first issue when two Black Cloaks begin investigating the murder of a prince in Kiros (which is the last city in the known world) as various factions ready to send the city into a full-fledged war.

Check out one of the many covers of issue one below and look for Black Cloak #1 at your local comic shop on January 11. You can also access Black Cloak in digital format via Thompson’s 1979 Semi-Finalist Substack newsletter

Check out Jeff Dekal’s cover below and stay tuned to Conskipper to learn all about your next favorite series!

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