‘Fantastic Four by John Byrne’ Omnibus Vol. 1 Available Once Again in October

The majority of John Byrne’s five year run on Fantastic Four is once again available in October, marking the third time that the omnibus has gone back to print.

The omnibus starts at the beginning of Byrne’s associations with the Marvel’s First Family in Marvel Team-Up #61-62 from 1977 which features Byrne’s first FF art (and a script by Uncanny X-Men co-collaborator Chris Claremont) in a team-up story with Ms. Marvel against the Super Skrull and a solo Thing Story from 1979’s Marvel Two-in-One #50, which was the first time that Byrne handled both writing and illustrating chores on a story featuring a member of the Four.

From there, the Omnibus reprints Byrne’s initial art stint on the Fantastic Four (starting in August 1979 with Marv Wolfman and Bill Mantlo providing the scripts) in #209-218. The artist/writer would handle the script and art in two fill-in issues in #220-221 before beginning his proper run in Fantastic Four #232 (with that eye-catching Diablo cover).

The Omnibus goes all the way up to Fantastic Four #260, and also includes Fantastic Four Annual #17 and crossover issues in The Avengers #233 and Thing #2.

The Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus Vol. 1 was originally released in 2011, with a second edition arriving in 2018.

The giant volume contains 1,096 pages and retails for $125.00. Look for the latest edition in stores on October 26.

Check out both of the covers available below (the FF pin-up art is the variant once again) and be sure to return to Conskipper for all of your vintage comic needs.

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