‘Ka-Zar the Savage’ Omnibus Emerges from the Jungle in May 2021

Get ready to return to the Savage Land in May with an omnibus collection of the critically-acclaimed ‘Ka-zar the Savage’.

Ka-zar the Savage debuted in 1981 and ended in 1984 and is still the longest running series based on the jungle lord. The omnibus contains all 34 issues by writers Bruce Jones and Mike Carlin and art by Brent Anderson, Gil Kane, Armando Gil, Val Mayerik, Ron Frenz, Mike Hernandez, and Paul Neary.

The series fleshed out the Savage Land and explored many previously unexplored region of the “land the time forgot”. Naturally, the series focused on Ka-Zar, his toothy cat Zabu, and Shanna the She-Devil as they faced off against the devilish Belasco, aliens, Atlanteans, and countless dinosaurs. Ka-Zar also heads to New York City and tests his skills in the urban jungle, crossing paths with Spider-Man and Kraven the Hunter in a ten issue arc.

The series also transitioned to a direct market only title with issue ten, allowing the creators to tell more daring and adult stories, one of the reasons the title stood out among its peers in the early 1980s.

The Ka-Zar the Savage Omnibus is currently scheduled for release in May of 2021 for a suggested retail price of $125.00.

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