John Constantine Returns to His Roots in DC’s Upcoming ‘Hellblazer: Rise and Fall’ Mini-Series

John Constantine goes back to his gritty, Vertigo-roots on September 1, with the release of writer Tom Taylor and artist Darick Robertson’s Black Label mini-series, Hellblazer: Rise and Fall.

This 3-issue, bi-monthly miniseries reunites Taylor and Robertson after their collaboration on their recent DCeased: A Good Day to Die one-shot.

The new story begins with the suspected suicide of a billionaire, who jumps out of a skyscraper and gets impaled on a church spire. Upon a closer examination, it also appears that the businessman had Angel Wings attached to his back (which also didn’t seem to work to well…). When more businessmen start taking swan-dives out their windows, Detective Aisha Bukhari is put on the case and consults her childhood friend John Constantine. The case begins to get more personal for the pair, as their checkered pasts starts to creep into the criminal investigations.

Taylor is excited to once again work with Robertson, who “As a Hellblazer fan and as a Darick Roberston fan, I couldn’t be more excited by this book. Putting Darick and John on the same page? Well, it’s bloody magic.”

Robertson is also looking forward to the assignment, especially on a character that he has never worked on before, even though “Working on this book feels like I’ve come home to a character that I’ve really only ever drawn once before,. Spending time with a character is like getting to know someone, and I feel with Tom’s script, Constantine and I are getting to be friends… which means my future is probably in danger.” 

Check out an exclusive sample page below (sans dialogue) and be sure to come back to Conskipper for an official review on September 1!

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