‘Invisible Kingdom’ by G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward Wins Best New Series and Best Painter/Digital Artist at Eisner Awards

Invisible Kingdom by G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward won two major awards at the annual Eisner Awards, held this year through San Diego Comic Con at Home. Willow Wilson and Ward shared the Best New Series award and Ward took home the prize for Best Painter/Digital Artist.

Dark Horse Comics/Berger Books Invisible Kingdom is a science fictions epic starring two very different women in terms of age, ideology, and temperament. Captain Grix is a jaded, skeptical pilot and Vess is a naive acolyte. Both start to see eye-to-eye when they stumble upon a global conspiracy involving church, state, and big business.

Invisible Kingdom is currently on issue #10 and also has two collected editions currently available.

Congratulations to both creators on these prestigious awards.

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