‘Invaders’ Omnibus Collects Entire 1970’s Marvel Series

Fans of Marvel’s throwback World War Two comic series from the 1970’s, The Invaders, will now be able to get the entire run in one place in the upcoming Invaders Omnibus.

The new collection contains not only the original 41 issues of the series that began in 1975, but also Giant-Size Invaders #1-2, Invaders Annual #1, Marvel Premiere #29-30, Avengers #71, What If? (1977) #4, Fantastic Four Annual #11, Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1, Marvel Two-in-One #20, and the team’s short-lived return in their 1993 four issue mini-series.

The majority of the original issues were written by Roy Thomas, with Don Glut finishing off the last few issues of the main series. Artists such as Frank Robbins, Vince Colletta, Frank Springer, Allen Kupperberg, Gil Kane, and many more are represented in the collection as well.

The Invaders Omnibus will be released on November 9, 2022 and will retail for $125.00.

The mammoth volume (1152 pages) will also be available with three different covers by Robbins (Giant Size Invaders #1 cover), Kane (Invaders #20 cover), and Jack Kirby (Invaders #3 cover).

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