‘Fantastic Four: Battle of the Behemoths’ Epic Collection Coming in August

Fantastic Four: Battle of the Behemoths Epic Collection wraps up the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby era of Marvel’s First Family and brings them into the 1970’s, primarily remembered for the dynamic artwork of John Buscema.

The new trade paperback collects Fantastic Four issues #105-125 with the last few issues of Kirby’s run, before handing over the reins to John Romita Sr., and then Buscema. Lee writes the majority of the issues in this collection, but Archie Goodwin and Roy Thomas also handle scripting duties, before Lee stepped away after his second Silver Surfer/Galactus saga.

The stories also include Johnny Storm and the Inhuman Crystal’s developing romance, Ben Grimm’s new (short-lived) ability to change into Thing at will, opponents such as Annihilus, Janus, Doctor Doom, Over-Mind, Gabriel the Air-Walker, the Monster from the Lost Lagoon, and another titanic match between the Thing and the Hulk.

The collection weighs in at 472 pages, with a retail price of $39.99. Look for the Battle of the Behemoths in comic shops on August 25 and check out the classic cover below.

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