Hyperion’s Origin Will Be Told in Marvel’s ‘Heroes Reborn’ Series

The origins of Marvel’s very own “super man” Hyperion will be examined in Ryan Cady and Michelle Bandini’s Heroes Reborn: Hyperion & The Imperial Guard in May.

According to Marvel.com, the one-shot will focus on the adventures of a teenage Hyperion and his friends from the 31st Century, I mean his friends in the Shi’ar’s Imperial Guard, and things go south when “…a quick mission in the Negative Zone sounds like the perfect coda to a storied fellowship… but what awaits Hyperion, Gladiator and the rest is horror and agony beyond their wildest nightmares!

Cady told CBR that “These aren’t just stories of a different world; they’re stories from a different world. It’ll feel as retrospective and full as if you’d been reading issues of Hyperion and the Imperial Guard your entire life.”

Read more about Marvel’s Heroes Reborn right here and look for the issues on the racks at your favorite comic book shop in May.

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