The ‘Ghost Adventures’ Crew is Ready to Make Some ‘House Calls’ in May on Discovery+

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley take a break from investigating abandoned sanitariums, prisons, and Old West locales in favor of helping home owners in crisis in the new discovery+ series: Ghost Adventures House Calls this May.

The all-new eight-part spin-off series debuts on May 19 with the first two episodes airing all day on discovery+ (and you can check out the trailer below).

Each episode begins with each family’s eye witness account and evidence sending Goodwin, Tolley and Wasley to the rescue. Bagans will play the role of “the guy in the chair” for the investigations at the Ghost Adventures nerve center, assessing all of the evidence and offering helpful tips to the families. 

Bagans says that“A home is a very personal and sacred space. When unexplained spirit activity causes a family to feel threatened and uncomfortable in their own house, that’s cause for immediate action. ‘House Calls’ is about helping people who are living in fear from something unknown. Our goal is to figure out what’s going on and provide answers, advice and many times, validation. These are the most personal and emotional investigations we’ve ever done.”

Check out the official descriptions of all of the upcoming episodes below (courtesy of discovery+):

Episode 1“Crisis in Long Beach” – Begins Streaming Thursday, May 19

Zak Bagans sends the crew to Long Beach, California, to help a young couple in a paranormal crisis. Reports are that a dark, oppressive force inside their home has attached itself to the husband. The team must find answers before this loving family is ripped apart.

Episode 2 – “Ellington Home Invasion” – Begins Streaming Thursday, May 19

Zak Bagans sends the crew to Ellington, Connecticut, after he receives an urgent request from desperate parents. They believe a tall, shadowy entity with hooves has invaded their home and fear this demonic figure will hurt their four small children.

Episode 3 – “Auburn in Hell” – Begins Streaming Thursday, May 26

Zak Bagans sends the crew to investigate claims of extreme paranormal activity on a farm in Auburn, California. Disembodied voices, strange shadows and ghostly attacks have made the owner uneasy in her home, and she wants answers fast.

Episode 4 – “Wappingers Falls of Fear” – Begins Streaming Thursday, June 2

Zak Bagans sends the team to Wappingers Falls, New York, where the owner of a historic home claims that a dark presence is harassing her boyfriend. The case takes a disturbing turn when she reveals a strong attachment to the spirits that reside there.

Episode 5 – “Panic in Palatka” – Begins Streaming Thursday, June 9

Zak Bagans sends the crew to a horse ranch in rural Palatka, Florida, to help the new owner unravel claims of an evil, manipulative presence on the property. Has a history of slavery and a potential curse on the town made the ranch a threat to all who enter?

Episode 6 – “Mayhem in Marquette” – Begins Streaming Thursday, June 16

Zak Bagans sends the team to Marquette, Kansas, where a young woman is worried for her little brother. She believes the spirits that lurk in the shadows of her childhood home are causing night terrors for her brother, and she wants to help him before it gets worse.

Episode 7 – “Jacksonville Family Curse” – Begins Streaming Thursday, June 23

Zak Bagans sends the team to Jacksonville, Florida, to help a mother and daughter who are desperate to break a suspected decades-long curse. They fear something dark is targeting the maternal family bloodline, and they want answers before it’s too late.

Episode 8 – “Chaos in Emmaus” – Begins Streaming Thursday, June 30

Zak Bagans sends the team to an Emmaus, Pennsylvania, home to investigate claims that a violent entity is terrorizing a large family. The crew must race against time to find the alleged Shadow Man who touches people and throws objects.

Check out the trailer below and keep coming back to Conskipper for all of your paranormal TV news and interviews.


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