Frank Miller Brings New ‘Sin City’ and ‘Ronin’ Comics to Creator’s Own Company

Renowned artist and writer Frank Miller will be using two of his most famous works, Sin City and Ronin, to launch a brand new publishing company called Frank Miller Presents.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Miller was forming his own long-rumored imprint, breaking away from his recent associations with DC Comics and Dark Horse to focus on his own work as well as fostering new talent.

Miller also took to twitter to announce the move and the involvement of some of his collaborators such as former co-publisher for DC Comics, Dan DiDio, and Silenn Thomas, the CEO of Frank Miller Ink.

Miller’s upcoming Sin City series will be set in the Old West in a comic entitled Sin City 1858 and Ronin Book Two continues Miller’s very first creator-owned DC series from 1983 and 1984.

FMP will attempt to produce two to four titles a year for the digital and comic shop/book store market. Beside the two previously mentioned titles, FMP announced the names of two new series called Pandora and Ancient Enemies (but it is unclear at this time if Miller will write and/or illustrate either new series, or if new talent will produce them).

Keep your eye on Conskipper for more announcements about Miller’s new FMP company.

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