Found Footage of the Hulk Explored in David Pepose and Caio Majado’s ‘Hulk Annual’ #1

David Pepose and Caio Majado will unveil the found footage documentary “The Viridian Project” which examines the Jade Giant in new way in Hulk Annual #1 this May.

Pepose and Majado’s story begins in the Hulk’s birthplace with a group of young filmmakers who delve into the truth behind the monster’s origin, but end up getting drawn into a full on battle between the Hulk and Giganto (who originally menaced the Fantastic Four way back in 1961’s FF #1).

Pepose said that “The Hulk is such a massive character, just this larger-than-life figure who is equal parts man, monster, and unstoppable force of nature. And it’s that feeling of unfathomable scale that we’re looking to explore in ‘The Viridian Project,’ our found-footage story about a team of filmmakers shooting a documentary on the legacy of Bruce Banner… and the horrors they discover when they actually find him. It’s been incredibly exciting to dive into the Hulk’s adventures through this truly human lens, and I can’t wait for readers to witness first-hand what it’s like to ride out an encounter with The Strongest One There Is!”

The over-sized special (in stores on May 17) will also include a preview of the start of a new story arc by a yet-to-be announced new creative team that will take over for Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley this summer.

Check out the cover by Gary Frank below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your Hulk news.

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