Excalibur Fights the ‘Battle For Britain’ in New Epic Collection

The mutant and magic team of Excalibur fight to save the United Kingdom, as well as their compatriot Captain Britain in their latest Epic Collection.

The Excalibur: Battle for Britain Epic Collection contains issues #104-115 and the title storyline from 1997 (by Ben Raab, Salvador Larroca, and Scott Koblish) which involves the abduction of Brian Braddock and the subsequent interdimensional mission to get back Captain Britain from the mystical Dragons of the Crimson Dawn.

In addition to the “Battle for Britain” arc, the collection includes a variety of mini-series and one-shots from the late 90’s such as Excalibur #-1, Colossus #1, Kitty Pryde, Agent of SHIELD #1-3, and New Mutants: Truth or Death #1-3.

Battle for Britain showcases work by the aforementioned Raab, Larocca, and Koblish, as well as John Arcudi, James Felder, Keith Giffen, Larry Hama, Bryan Hitch, Randy Green, Rob Stotz, Pete Woods, Mel Rubi, Jesus Redondo, Bernard Chang, Rob Haynes, Paul Neary, Robin Riggs, Casey Jones, Rob Haynes, Aaron Lopresti, Jason Martin, Rick Ketcham, Tom Simmons, Rachel Pinnock, Nathan Massengill, Sergio Melia-Borras, and Mark Pennington.

Look for the 504 pages Excalibur: Battle for Britain Epic Collection in stores on March 23 for a suggested retail price of $44.99.

Check out the cover below and keep checking back with Conskipper for all of you classic comic news.

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