First ‘Carnage: Born in Blood’ Epic Collection Contains the Symbiote’s Origins

Venom’s little brother Carnage hasn’t been hotter since 1992, so the brain trust at Marvel decided it was high time for the red alien’s very first Epic Collection to hit the stands!

The Born in Blood Epic Collection details Carnage’s origins and bonding with Cletus Cassidy, as well as the “Maximum Carnage” storyline which sees Carnage gather Carrion, Demogoblin, Shriek and the six-armed Spider-Man Doppelganger to face off against Spidey, Captain America, Iron Fist, Black Cat, Cloak and Dagger, Morbius, and even Venom, in his first turn as an anti-hero.

Carnage: Born in Blood collects The Amazing Spider-Man #361-363 and 378-380, Web of Spider-Man #101-103, Spider-Man #35-37, The Spectacular Spider-Man #201-203, and stories from Spider-Man Unlimited #1-2 and The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #28.

The new Epic Collection contains work by David Michelinie, Terry Kavanagh, J.M. DeMatteis, Tom DeFalco, Mark Bagley, Randy Emberlin, Alex Saviuk, Don Hudson, Tom Lyle, Scott Hanna, Al Milgrom, Sal Buscema, Jim Sanders III, Sam de la Rosa, Bud LaRosa, Steven Butler, and Ron Lim. 

January 2020’s The Amazing Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage Epic Collection (now out of print) collects the same self-titled story arc, without The Amazing Spider-Man #361-363, and with the additional inclusion of the Spider-Man/Punisher/Sabretooth: Designer Genes graphic novel.

The Carnage: Born in Blood Epic Collection is 448 pages long, with a suggested retail price of $44.99. You can look for that symbiotic rascal at your local comic shop on March 23.

Check out the cover below and keep checking back with Conskipper for all of your vintage comic needs.

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