Elvira Visits ‘Monsterland’ in New Dynamite Series

Just when she thought it was safe to enter your local comic shop, Elvira is once again pulled into the Multiverse of Movies, and this time she is headed to Monsterland!

After surviving a number of horror classics in her last series, Elvira in Horrorland, The Mistress of the Dark is back to battle Vlad the Impaler and his army of Dracula variants and other famous vampires from the silver screen and beyond.

David Avallone also returns to pen the adventures of our favorite B-movie shredding Queen along with artist Kewber Baal (known for his other Dynamite work on Vampirella, Red Rising, and Red Sonja).

Avallone is excited to return to the Multiverse of Movies and said “Our last series, Elvira In Horrorland, was so much fun that I wanted to return to a similar tale, but bring in our old friend Vlad as an over-arching villain to tie together the whole saga.”

After issue one (appropriately titled “It’s a Vlad, Vlad, Vlad, Vlad World”), it appears that the series will continue in the same vein as Horrorland, with a different classic monster spotlighted in each subsequent issue, such as werewolves, mummies, and versions of the Frankenstein Monster.

Elvira herself is also looking forward to the experience, as “This series brings Elvira face-to-face with so many of the classic monsters I loved growing up, and it’s gonna be a blast for the fans: a hilarious trip down the world’s scariest memory lane!”

The first issue will arrive in stores in May and will feature covers by long-time Elvira artist Dave Acosta, Baal, John Royle, and a photo cover featuring Elvira doing her best Mummy impression.

Check out the four covers below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your Elvira news.

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