Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum: The Conskipper Photo Series

With The Nun II in theaters now, we here at Conskipper thought we’d get into the Halloween spirit by publishing a series of photos which capture The Warren’s Occult Museum from back when it was sometimes accessible to the public. Conskipper’s own John Evans and Nick Banks were fortunate enough to visit the museum in Connecticut back in 2011 and 2013 and see firsthand all of the haunted artifacts which Ed and Lorraine collected over the years through the course of their famous investigations. What follows is a pictorial review of what we were able to see inside The Warren’s Occult Museum, including the Annabelle doll, a Satanic idol taken from the woods of Connecticut and a shadow doll which attacks the dreams of unsuspecting victims.

The museum also features many of Ed’s original paintings and other artifacts of the Warren’s history. When entering the museum, visitors were reminded to never touch anything- even by accident- so no one accidentally brought home any negative energy or evil spirits. Guests were also told to envision themselves enveloped in a ray of white light if they felt overwhelmed by the evil contained within those walls. The days of visiting the museum are over, but we hope you’ll enjoy this haunted trip down memory lane! The series of photos are presented below in chronological order, from entering the museum from the tunnel connected to the Warren’s house all the way to outside of the museum.

All of the photographs in this article are the property of John Evans of Conskipper, and may not be reproduced without written permission.

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