Disneyland Paris Hotel New York-The Art of Marvel Opens in June

Disneyland Paris Hotel New York–The Art of Marvel opens on June 21, 2021 and looks to be a Marvel Comics art lover’s dream.

The art collection inside the hotel will feature “…more than 350 pieces of artwork on display spanning both comics and movies created by more than 110 artists from Europe and beyond (including roughly 50 exclusive pieces) the hotel will be one of the largest publicly viewable collections of Marvel artwork in the world.”

Hotel New York-The Art of Marvel will also house a space dedicated to rotating art exhibits in The Jack Kirby Legacy Gallery. The gallery will also offer a permanent exhibition dedicated to “King Kirby” with 21 original covers on display at all times. Children can also practice their artistic talents in the Marvel Design Studio.

The hotel boutique will also sell reproductions of some of the Marvel artwork displayed in the hotel and the shop itself “…was inspired by Tony Stark’s iconic Wall Of Armor, will display collector figurines, art books, exclusive editions of Marvel Comic Books and many items directly related to the architecture and design of the hotel, including statuette reproductions of Iron Man armors on display in the lobby.”

The hotel features 471 superior rooms and 90 executive rooms (25 of which are suites furnished in styles dedicated to a variety of Marvel Superheroes). The Art of Marvel will also offer “…unique restaurant and bar concepts will celebrate Marvel art with menu offerings inspired by many New York specialties and a full range of Marvel-themed meals and drinks.”

Just in case you think you’ll be visiting in the near future, guests booking before July 29, 2021 (with an arrival date until March 30, 2022) will receive an exclusive Marvel print by artist Matt Ferguson and a complimentary mocktail in one of the hotel’s bars.

Check out the walk-through video and a look at the interior of one of the guests room below.

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