‘DC Through the 80’s: The Experiments’ Collects Many of DC Comics Groundbreaking Issues

DC Comics continues to highlight some of their seminal work from the 1980s, this time focused on stories that pushed the boundaries of the super hero genre, as well as forays into fantasy, science fiction, and hard boiled detective stories.

DC Through the 80’s: The Experiments serves up a brief look at a number of significant issues released during the decade including: Watchmen #1, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #2, Secret Origins #48, Swamp Thing #40, The Sandman #8, Doom Patrol #25, Warlord #48 and #55, The Legion of Super-Heroes #298, Nathaniel Dusk #1, Infinity, Inc. #14, The New Teen Titans #16, The Best of DC: Blue Ribbon Digest #58, Camelot 3000 #1, Angel Love #1, and The History of the DC Universe #1-2.

The wide variety of stories in the collection is a solid primer for those unfamiliar with DC’s work in the 1980s, and will remind long-time fans about some of the titles that they have forgotten about.

The hardcover collection (like DC’s first entry in this new series, DC Through the 80’s: The End of Eras) will retail for $49.99 and contain 504 Pages of content.

Look for the new collection in comic shops on June 15 and check out the totally 80s cover below.

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