Dark Horse Comics to Publish New and Old Stories by YouNeek Studios

Dark Horse Comics will begin publishing a whole new line of super hero comics from Roye Okupe’s YouNeek Studios in the fall of 2021.

Dark Horse Comics will start by releasing the previously self-published graphic novels and stories (which Okupe started back in 2012) from YouNeek Studios, which will also include never-before-seen bonus material from Malika: Warrior Queen, Iyanu: Child of Wonder, and E.X.O: The Legend of Wale Williams. The universe of superheroes that inhabits the YouNeek material spans centuries and is “…centered around African stories, crafted by African creators.” First up will be Malika: Warrior Queen which arrives on September 7, 2021.

Okupe is excited about the new partnership and explains that “What we are trying to do over the next few years is create a compelling and immersive universe with our own twist. How? Well, the YouNeek YouNiverse is a massive, interconnected universe of sci-fi, fantasy and superhero content spread across multiple timelines with stories told from an African perspective. Is this ambitious? Yes. Is it impossible? Not at all. With this monumental partnership with Dark Horse and the impeccable history, support and infrastructure they bring to the table, we will finally be able to achieve our ultimate goal: create, for a global audience, content that empowers African creatives and storytelling.”

Dark Horse CEO Mike Richardson sees YouNeek Studios as “…unlike anything in American comics today. Roye has brought together a host of amazing African talent, telling African stories and Dark Horse is honored to help further their reach.”

Stay tuned to Conskipper for more news about the expansion of the YouNeek superhero universe.

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