Dan Jurgens and Mike Perkins Bring ‘The Bat-Man: First Knight’ to DC’s Black Label Imprint

Dan Jurgens and Mike Perkins collaborate on The Bat-Man: First Knight, a three-issue Prestige Plus mini-series under the DC Black Label imprint, this coming March.

Jurgens and Perkins (with Jurgens handling the writing and Perkins taking care of the the art) transport the Dark Knight to 1939 for one of his earliest cases in a noir-inspired period piece.

With fascism on the rise and the world heading for another inevitable conflict, a series of violent murders take place in Gotham by men who inexplicable have all died in the electric chair. Batman takes the disturbing case to the limit in the new series.

Look for issue #1 at your local comic shop on March 5, 2024, and take a look at a sample page and cover by Perkins below.

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