Dan Aykroyd’s New Travel Channel Series, ‘Hotel Paranormal’, Debuts on July 11

If anyone knows about ghosts, it is Ghostbusters alum Dan Aykroyd, who will be channeling some of his inner Ray Stantz as he hosts Travel Channel’s new series Hotel Paranormal premiering on Saturday, July 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

The new series showcases the true stories of those who have had frightening encounters with specters and spirits away from home, as terrified hotel guests. Aykroyd will narrate a total of ten hour-long episode featuring paranormal encounters that take place in high class hotels and shady motels on the highways and byways on our nation.

Aykroyd is excited to bring his personal belief in ghosts to the series and is looking to “…open up a lot of minds and hopefully break through some of the skepticism people carry about the paranormal” as a way “…to lend my voice to help bring viewers across the United States, these gripping real-life ghost stories, many of which take place in their own backyards.”

The premiere episode involves a travelling salesman who checks into a motel and gets more than he bargains for when he captures bizarre poltergeist activity with his handy cell phone. Fleeing the hotel, the salesman then becomes possessed by the spirit of a murderer and is quickly in need of an exorcism (hopefully it wasn’t the ghost of beleaguered salesman Willy Loman!).

The second tale focuses on the actions of a teenage on a school trip to the Vatican who accidentally sets free an ancient evil spirit and the third segment details a journalist’s encounter in Connecticut when she checks into a rustic New England inn and has to fight off a supernatural attack.

Stay tuned to Conskipper for more updates on programs that are bound to make you sleep with the lights on, especially as we approach the Halloween season!

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