Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks: July 28, 2021

Welcome back to Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks for the week of July 28, 2021!

This week’s titles showcase some of the best of the “Big Two” from a variety of genres, with the return of classic heroes and introductions to some who are embarking on their first adventures.

–Icon and Rocket Season One #1 (Milestone/DC Comics): The announcement of the return of Milestone Comics at last year’s DC FanDome event was one of the most discussed by fans and professionals at the time, and the arrival in 2021 has been one of the highlights of the year so far. Now that we are in a full swing revival, it was only a matter of time before Icon and Rocket returned to the scene, and they return in a big way this week with Icon and Rocket Season One #1 by Reginald Hudlin, Doug Braithwaite, and Leon Chills.

Based on the previous adventures by original creators Dwayne McDuffie and M.D. Bright, the characters who were progressive in 1993 are just as realistic and engaging in 2021, and the new creative team hits the ground running by introducing the “Iconic” characters to a whole new audience, while at the same time, reminding fans of the original series what they have been missing. Not to be missed.

Superman: Son of Kal-El #1 (DC Comics): Tom Taylor, John Timms, and Gabe Eltaeb bring Jonathan Kent to the forefront in this new series in a natural way that celebrates the legacy character and allows him to fill some very big shoes. Taylor (who is also crafting engaging stories about one of Batman’s “sons” over in Nightwing) sets Jonathan on a quest to uncover a missing piece of future history from his friends in the Legion of Super Heroes, in hopes that the blind spot is not detrimental to his first solo adventure. This is a perfect jumping off point for those unfamiliar with the Man of Steel’s son, as well as an introduction to a creative team that we hope to see a lot more from.

-United States of Captain America #2 (Marvel Comics): Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson are in hot pursuit of the insidious shield thief at the start of issue #2 of the new limited series, and members of Cap’s extensive rogues gallery are all suspect. Christopher Cantwell and Dale Eaglesham deliver the action and pathos once again in celebration of the 80th anniversary of Cap, and the back-up story this issue by Mohale Mashigo and Natacha Bustos introduces Nichelle Wright, the Captain America of Harrisburg. The combination of an engaging, classic road trip adventure and the additional introductions to new heroes inspired by the legacy of the shield is the perfect way to pay tribute to the character’s long publication history and cultural significance.

-Star Wars #15 (Marvel Comics): “The War of the Bounty Hunters” continues in the main Marvel Star Wars title as Luke and Wedge launch into space on a new mission to rescue a lost division of the rebel fleet. On the other side of the galaxy, Leia, Lando, and Chewie continue their quest to track down the frozen body of Han Solo. Charles Soule, Ramon Rosanas, and Rachelle Rosenberg continue the crossover of the summer, filling in the blanks in between Empire and Jedi, with all of the heroes and scoundrels that we expect to get in an original Star Wars tale. If you have friends who are Star Wars fans that have never picked up a Star Wars comic before, this may the one that gets them hooked.

-Amazing Fantasy #1 (Marvel Comics): Kaare Andrews Amazing Fantasy #1 deposits a Red Room-era Black Widow, a teenage Spider-Man, and a World War II version of Captain America to a fantasy world setting. With tinges of Kurt Busiek’s Avengers Forever and the best of What If? stories, Andrews explores classic characters in an unlikely setting for them, highlighting the qualities that make them unique and memorable. Simone Bianchi’s cover could grace any Marvel magazine from the 1970s (and it is too bad that it isn’t available in the over-sized format of yesteryear…but you never know).

That’s it for this week. Keep supporting your local comic shop in a safe and responsible manner.

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