Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks: January 27, 2021

Welcome back to Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks for the week of January 27, 2021!

DC’s Future State still continues to dominate the marketplace, and this week is no different, but there are plenty of options once again at your local comic shop. This was a difficult list to whittle down this week, so be sure to completely browse the racks this week for what is amounting to an expensive trip to the store.

–DC Future State: Batman/Superman #1 (DC Comics): DC continues to push out new titles as a part of their Future State initiative (and you can check out the checklist right here), and Batman/Superman is one of the highest profile titles to launch so far. Written by Gene Luen Yang with art by Ben Oliver and colors by Arif Prianto, this issue gives readers the classic team-up they savor along with a new sensibility. The dystopian streets of Gotham bring both heroes together to combat the Magistrate. Great art and storytelling are on tap in issue one and where the heck did Professor Pyg get a Kryptonite scalpel? Find out in DC Future State: Batman/Superman!

-Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #4 (Dark Horse Comics): Jeff Lemire and Tyler Crook wrap up Colonel Weird’s odd adventure in Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #4. Lemire and Crook are in peak form in Cosmagog, which highlights the personality of the spaciest space travel ever seen in comics. For those familiar with the quality meta-fiction storytelling that is Black Hammer, this mini-series captures the Colonel in all of his disjointed glory. Will the Colonel finally gain some sense of clarity? We hope not. This series is a must buy for any Black Hammer fan.

-DC Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex #1 (DC Comics): Mark Russel and Steve Pugh team up once again for a unique chapter in DC Future State. Russel and Pugh bring their brand of humor and sarcasm from previous hits such as The Flintstones and Billionaire Island to Lexor, the utopian home of the one and only Lex Luthor. A lot has been done with Luthor as a world leader in recent years, but it is never been done like this. Superman vs. Imperious Lex takes a break from the gritty nature of Future State to engage in something Science Fiction does best; examining our world and human nature through genre tropes and motifs. Are Lex’s plans for peace as genuine as they sound? Superman and Lois Lane, the Earth representative to the United Planets are anxious to find out. We will read anything by Russel and Pugh, so if you haven’t experienced their previous work, this is a good place to start. If you are looking for more about their previous work, check out our recent interview with Russell right here.

-DC Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (DC Comics): Last week we mentioned that Brian Michael Bendis’ Legion of Super-Heroes ongoing series is one of the only DC titles currently being published outside of the Future State. Well, this week we get Bendis and Riley Rossmo’s take on a different futuristic Legion. The creative team asks the question: “Whatever happened to the Legion of Super-Heroes?” and the answer is not a good one. In the “future” future, the Legion has disbanded and one its former members has turned against them. This tale includes appearances by Ultra Boy, Shadow Lass, Triplicate Girl, Brainiac Five, and Bouncing Boy, and the Legion of Substitute Heroes. If you are enjoying Bendis’ current run, you will not be disappointed with this new take.

-Rick and Morty Presents: Death Stalkers #1 (Oni Press): Writer Stephanie Phillips, artist Ryan Lee, and colorist Leonardo Ito return to the world of post-apocalyptic Seattle for a gonzo adventure starring Rick and Morty’s Hemorrhage. The “road warrior” must find Isotope-322 to prove that he is not self-conscious and boring and crush loads of mutants along the way. If you enjoy the animated series, and haven’t picked up any of the Oni Press comic versions, this is an excellent place to start with top notch writing, art, and color.

That’s it for this week, so please continue to support your local comic shop in a safe and responsible fashion.

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