Conan the Barbarian’s Early Marvel Adventures Continue in ‘The Curse of the Golden Skull’ Epic Collection

Following Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith’s initial run on Robert E. Howard’s most famous barbarian, Thomas would be joined by John Buscema on the character, launching one of the most memorable eras for Conan and defining his look for generations to come.

Marvel Comics latest Conan the Barbarian Epic Collection captures the start of the Thomas/Buscema run with The Curse of the Golden Skull. Beginning in 1973, Thomas would continue to adapt a number of Robert E. Howard stories (some not even initially starring the Cimmerian), but he would then begin to craft his own tales of the wandering warrior with the help of Buscema’s signature artwork.

Besides Thomas and Buscema, the covers include work by Gil Kane and Ernie Chan, and Neal Adams even fills in for Buscema on issue #37 with his own iconic take on Conan.

The Curse of the Golden Skull will be released on July 28 and collects issues #27-42 and Conan Annual #1, and retails for $39.99.

Check out the cover below and keep coming back to Conskipper for all of you classic comic news.

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