‘Faux-simile’ Edition of ‘Batman’ #428 Features Previously Unreleased Alternate Ending to ‘A Death in the Family’

If you were reading comics back in 1988, and happened to dial the “save Jason Todd” version of the Batman hotline, you will finally see the positive results in a brand new “faux-simile” edition of Batman #428.

The 900 number that sealed Robin’s fate in Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, and Mike DeCarlo’s “A Death in the Family” storyline will be fully revealed in the new edition, representing the unpublished version of the story from 35 years ago.

10,614 votes were cast (at 50 cents a piece) and the final tally read 5,343 votes against to 5,271 for the survival of Todd.       

Pages have been included in special editions and collections in the past, but the full story has never been available before.

Look for the piece of history on December 12 at your local comic shop.

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