‘Avengers: The Crossing Line’ Epic Collection Contains ‘Terminus Factor’ Crossover

Avengers: The Crossing Line Epic Collection captures a slice of early 90s nostalgia, primarily focused on the six part “Crossing Line” arc, as well as 1990’s summer annual crossover The Terminus Factor.

The 520 page collection includes: The Avengers #319-333, Avengers Annual #19, Captain America Annual #9, Iron Man Annual #11, The Mighty Thor Annual #15 and Avengers West Coast Annual #5.

The stories contain a wide variety of Marvel talent such as Fabian Nicieza, Mark Gruenwald, Larry Hama, Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Richard Levins, Paul Ryan, Herb Trimpe, Jim Valentino, Jim Fry, Christopher Ivy, Tom Palmer, Fred Fredericks, Tom Morgan, Reggie Jones, Jeff Albrecht, Sam DeLaRosa, Randy Emberlin, Mark Mckenna, and Keith Williams. 

For those who don’t remember “The Crossing Line” storyline, it involved the Avengers trying to prevent a world-wide nuclear war (following a stolen sub Hunt for Red October style plotline) complete with clashes with The Russian People’s Protectorate (the former Soviet Super Soldiers), Alpha Flight, and Tyrak, Okra, and Merrano of Atlantis (where was Namor?).

The Terminus Factor was 1990’s Avengers-centric summer annual crossover event, and featured the return of space giant Terminus, his Deviant successor Jorro, and a ton of mini-Terminus robots called the Termini.

The Crossing Line Epic Collection also includes the debut of new superhero Rage (with some decidedly 1990’s duds), a battle with Doctor Doom, and a new Avengers line-up.

The latest Avengers Epic Collection will be available at your local comic shop on March 2, with a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Check out the Paul Ryan cover (originally appearing on the cover of Avengers #329)

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