Apple TV+ Trailer Gives First Look at Issac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ Series

One of the most loved and respected science fiction series of all time, Issac Asimov’s Foundation, is on its way to a new galaxy: the cut-throat world of streaming television.

Apple TV+ (which has about as much riding on the success of the adaptation as Hari Seldon’s predictions in Asimov’s novel) debuted the first teaser trailer for Foundation today, and it appears that the tech company spared no expense in terms of the scale or the scope of the project.

Asimov’s series began in 1951 and consists of seven installments. The first novel sets up the entire saga, focusing on Seldon, a scientist who develops a theory called psychohistory, a statistical process that can predict the future of civilizations. When Seldon predicts the imminent fall of the Galactic Empire, he is quickly placed on trial before offering a possible solution, founded on an assembly of scientists and engineers who are tasked with creating the Encyclopedia Galactica, a repository of all human knowledge. Seldon’s reward is exile to a hostile planet called Terminus, where the real work of the foundation begins.

The series stars Jared Harris (Hari Seldon), Lee Pace (the Galactic Emperor Brother Day), Lou Llobell (Gaal), Lea Harvey (Salvor), Laura Birn (Demerzel), and Terrence Mann (Brother Dusk). David Goyer will serve as executive producer and showrunner on the ambitious new series.

Foundation is expected to be released sometime in 2021, so check out the teaser below and start brushing up on the classic series.

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