‘Annihilus Revealed’ in Latest Fantastic Four Epic Collection

The origins of that metallic bug-alien Annihilus are expanded upon in the latest collection of classic 1970’s Fantastic Four material entitled Annihilus Revealed.

The Fantastic Four: Annihilus Revealed Epic Collections contains issue #126-146, Giant Size Super Stars one-shot, and excerpts from FOOM #1 and # 4-5 by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, John Buscema, Ross Andru, Ramona Fradon, Rich Buckler, Joe Sinnott, and Frank Giacoia.

The stories begin with Thomas’ retelling of the Four’s origins and another tangle with their first adversary: The Mole Man (with some assistance from Kala, Queen of the Netherworld).

Other highlights (aside from the title story) include: Johnny Storm’s tumultuous relationship with the Inhuman’s Crystal (which gets even more complicated after Quicksilver expresses his love for the Human Torch’s girl), a battle with The Frightful Four, Medusa’s induction into the Fantastic Four (when Sue takes some time off to care for her son Franklin), and classic battles with Thundra, the Hulk, Doctor Doom, Dragon Man, and some lesser well-known villains such as Darkoth, Miracle Man, Ternak, Warhead, and Omega.

The 504 page volume covers stories from September 1972 to May of 1974, for a suggested retail price of $44.99. Look for the Epic Collection in stores on August 23.

Check out Buscema and Sinnott’s cover to the collection (and FF #133) below and keep returning to Conskipper for all of classic comic news.

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