Alyssa Wong and Michael YG Introduce a New Iron Fist in February

Get ready for a new hero to assume the mantle of the Iron Fist this February in a new series from writer Alyssa Wong and debuting artist Michael YG.

The five-issue limited series takes place right after the events that occurred in the Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon mini-series (by Larry Hama and David Wachter), where Danny Rand sacrificed the power of the fist to save himself and the world. And just when it looks like the power of the Iron Fist has been forever lost, a new hero appears to continue the legacy of Rand and the others in the long line of the chosen warriors of K’un-Lu. What is unclear at this point however is if the new Fist received his powers from the famous dragon, or from a more sinister source?

Wong calls the creation of a new Iron Fist “…an incredible honor” and she is looking forward to delving “…into the comic’s rich mythos and build on it. What does it mean for someone to take up the mantle of the Iron Fist right now, today? As a newcomer, how does one interact with legacy, and how does one honor it while forging a new path?”

YG calls the opportunity to work on the Marvel series “… a dream come true, yet it was beyond any dream to be trusted to carry the legacy of Iron. It is such an exciting new direction, I can’t wait for you to read all about it because I’m giving nothing less than my best efforts!”

Look for Iron Fist #1 at your local comic shop on February 16 and check out the promo artwork (a homage to the famous John Romita panel from Amazing Spider-Man #50) and the cover of the first issue by new Iron Fist costume designer and artist extraordinaire, Jim Cheung below.

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