‘Aliens Original Years’ Vol. 3 Omnibus Lands on Earth in November

Marvel Comics continues to mine Dark Horse Comics original Aliens franchise license with the latest Xenomorph collection this November.

Volume 3 in the Aliens Original Years Omnibus series contains a Weyland-Yutani space ship’s cargo hold full of mini-series and one-shots from 1995 to 2009, including: Aliens: Berserker #1-4, Aliens: Mondo Heat, Aliens: Lovesick, Aliens: Pig, Aliens Special, Aliens: Havoc #1-2, Aliens: Purge, Aliens: Alchemy #1-3, Alien: Resurrection #1-2, Aliens: Kidnapped #1-3, Aliens: Survival #1-3, Aliens: Glass Corridor, Aliens: Stalker, Aliens: Wraith, Aliens Apocalypse: The Destroying Angels #1-4, Aliens: Xenogenesis #1-4, and Aliens #1-4, along with Aliens stories from Dark Horse Comics #22-24; Dark Horse Presents #101-102, 117, 121, and 140 and Annual 1997, A Decade of Dark Horse Comics #3, and Aliens/Predator FCBD issue.

The Aliens mini-series from 2009 was the start of the relaunch of the Dark Horse licensed series (which lapsed after 1999) to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of the Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Top-notch talent in the omnibus includes writers John Wagner, Henry Gilroy, Thierry Gagnon, Richard Forgues, Randy Stradley, Chuck Dixon, Darko Macan, Nancy A. Collins, Mark Schultz, Ian Edginton, John Arcudi, Jim Vance, Jim Woodring, Justin Green, David Lloyd, David Wenzel, Jay Stephens, Tom and Mary Bierbaum, and John Arcudi.

Artists represented in the collection consist of Paul Mendoza, Aandy Mushynsky, Ronnie del Carmen, Richard Forgues, Flint Henry, Andrew Pepoy, Frank Teran, Leif Jones, John Stokes, Duncan Fegredo, D’Israeli, John Totleben, Art Adams, Gary Gianni, Geof Darrow, George Pratt, Igor Kordey, Paul Lee, John K. Snyder III, Mark A. Nelson, Peter Bagge, Brian Horton, Dave Taylor, Kelley Jones, Guy Davis, Kellie Strom, Jay Stephens, Jerry Bingham, Kevin Nowlan, Joel Naprstek, Travis Charest, P. Craig Russell, Aidan Potts, Sean Phillips, Rebecca Guay, Jon Muth, Kilian Plunkett, Ron Randall, John Pound, Gene Ha, Vania Zarouliov, Sergio Aragones, John Paul Leon, Derek Thompson, David Lloyd, Moebius, Dave Cooper, Mike Allred, Tony Millionaire, Phil Hester, Ande Park, Richard Corben, Eduardo Risso, Francisco Solano Lopez, David Wenzel, Doug Wheatley, Zach Howard, and Mark Irwin.

The Aliens Original Years Vol. 3 Omnibus contains 1,008 pages for a suggested retail price of $125.00.

Check out the Carlos Pacheco and Bernie Wrightson covers below and look for the omnibus in stores on November 23.

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