Filmation’s ‘The Adventures of Batman’ Coming to Blu-ray in 2023

Filmation’s Saturday morning continuation of The Adventures of Batman will finally be available on Blu-ray in February 2023.

The cartoon series originally debuted on CBS on September 14, 1968, taking a page from Adam West’s Batman series in terms of the overexaggerated satirical tone seen on West’s live-action version.

The Blu-ray will contain all 17 half-hour episodes (which were originally broke up into two segments when they originally aired).

Olan Soule and Casey Kasem provided the voices of Batman and Robin throughout the entire series. The Adventures of Batman also featured many of the typical Batman villains such as The Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Riddler, Scarecrow, and The Mad Hatter.

It is not clear at this time if the series will also be available on the DC Comics Hub on HBO Max, so stay tuned to Conskipper for more details as they are announced.

The Adventures of Batman: The Complete Collection will hit stores on February 28, 2023.

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