‘Aliens Omnibus Volume 1’ Marvel Collection Landing in May 2021

Marvel promised a new collection of the original Dark Horse Comics tales from the Alien franchise immediately after the announcement of the acquisition of the Aliens and Predator licenses were made in early June. True to form, Marvel has just confirmed that the Aliens Omnibus Volume One will be available in May of 2021.

The collection will contain the early issues of the Dark Horse series in order of release year, including: Aliens (1988) #1-6, Aliens (1989) #1-4, Aliens: Earth War (1990) #1-4, Aliens: Genocide (1991) #1-4, Aliens: Hive (1992) #1-4, Aliens: Tribes (1992) #1, Aliens: Newt’s Tale (1992) #1-2, Alien 3 (1992) #1-3, and Aliens: Space Marines (1992) #1-12—plus material from Dark Horse Presents (1986) #24, 42-43, 56; Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special (1991) #1; and Dark Horse Insider (1989) #14-27.

The original series from Dark Horse Comics served as direct sequels to Aliens, before Alien 3 was released in 1992. Many fans consider these comics to be superior to any of the subsequent sequels and reboots that followed James Cameron’s Aliens.

The omnibus will come in two different versions. One will contain the direct market exclusive cover by artist Mark A. Nelson (seen below) and a main cover by Greg Land.

Stay tuned to Conskipper for more about Marvel’s plans for Aliens and Predator in the near future.

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