Al Ewing and Tom Reilly Detail 60 Years of Ant-Man in New Mini-Series

Marvel will be celebrating a number of 60th anniversary’s this year, both big and small. Speaking of small, one of those celebrating his 60th birthday is none other than the diminutive Avenger Ant-Man, who will be getting a decade-spanning mini-series this July by Al Ewing and Tom Reilly.

Each issue of the four issue series will focus on a different Ant-Man, starting with the original man to don the helmet, Hank Pym, followed by Eric O’Grady, Scott Lang, and a brand-new futuristic Ant-Man that looks to unite all of them for an anniversary adventure.

Ewing says that “For Ant-Man’s ant-iversary, we wanted to go BIG with the world’s smallest hero — burrowing an ant tunnel right through his sixty-year history and far beyond, from the wild and wooly 1960s all the way to a future you’ll have to see to believe! You’ll find out how Henry Pym, Scott Lang and Eric O’Grady impacted each other’s lives in ways they never knew themselves — but who’s the mysterious final member of this Ant-tastic Four? Tremble with ant-icipation, true believer — the answers are coming soon to a hill near you!”

Reilly is “…very excited to work with Al again, this time to celebrate, and add to, the legacy of Ant Man!” Reilly says. “Several different people have taken the name, and Al’s written a fun story that gives them all a chance to shine. I also look forward to working with Jordie Bellaire again, her colors elevate any book that she’s on. There’s lots of inspiration to be taken from Ant Man’s rich artistic history, and there’ll be plenty of room for both of us to experiment in this series.”

Look for Ant-Man #1 in stores on July 27 and check out Reilly’s retro cover below.

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