Adam Berry and Chip Coffey Discuss Upcoming Season of ‘Kindred Spirits’

Amy Bruni had to take a last-minute flight, and Chip Coffey was having trouble logging on to the call, so it looked like Adam Berry was going to be talking one on one with this reporter about the upcoming season of Kindred Spirits, a television show where he, Bruni, and Coffey help property owners who are dealing with ghosts. 

But a few minutes into the call, Coffey – a psychic medium – got on the line, cracking a joke about how he “psychically” heard Berry talking about him and decided to hop on to the phone. 

In fact, Berry had been talking about what viewers should be looking forward to this season, and a big reason is being able to watch Coffey. 

“One of the exciting things about this season is Chip gets to investigate with us,” Berry said, including an investigation into Sheboygan County Asylum, one of the biggest locations the team has visited.

Coffey agreed that the investigation left an impression on him. 

“This particular episode, there are some moments that are just mind blowing,” Coffey said. “I still think about those moments and shake my head in awe of the fact that these things happened.” 

Berry said another location featured on the premiere episode of the season also included a call to the police. 

“There’s something we have to uncover or we are not going to figure out the answer. A lot of our cases, especially in season 6, some of them feel like a ‘True Crime’ episode,” Berry said. “Our season opener is absolutely in the True Crime realm. There is some crazy evidence that leads to something we discover where the police have to be called in.” 

Berry said he and Bruni work hard to put the pieces together of why a certain location is haunted.  “For us, it’s putting the humanity in spirits, in ghosts. When we help families, we are that family’s last resort. We have to take all of that into consideration.” 

Berry said he and Bruni have sometimes been called “ghost therapists” as they really try to understand the reason as to why a spirit is sticking around a location.

“It’s all about history, factual information, pairing it up with actual evidence and experiences with the help of Chip Coffey and when he does his psychic readings, what is he saying to us that matches with things that we already know,” Berry said. “All that combines to get an outcome and I think if we did anything different, I don’t think we would get the same outcome.” 

Bruni and Berry started investigating together in 2010 when they were part of the team of the original Ghost Hunters program.

“We worked together so well that we just kept going,” Berry said. While Bruni is the calmer of the two when confronted with an intense scenario, Berry explained, they have a lot of similarities when it comes to investigating the paranormal. 

“We believe the spirits were obviously once people too. We approach every investigation and situation with respect, integrity and care, kindness, and we think that goes a very long way,” Berry said. 

Coffey said all three watch each other’s backs. 

“We’re dealing with serious stuff, but we genuinely like each other, we genuinely support each other. We can laugh when the cameras aren’t rolling and sometimes they are and they have to edit it out,” Coffey said. “In the midst of all this paranormal insanity, we find these moments to just connect on a totally different level and that, to me, is part of the love that I have of being a Kindred Spirits cast member.” 

Coffey – who joined Kindred Spirits as a full-time cast member during its fourth season – said he appreciates Bruni and Berry’s commitment to helping, which is part of why he keeps coming back to the show.

“It’s a win, win, win situation that happens. We’re doing great television. We’re doing what we love. We’re getting paid for it, which is nice. But first and foremost, we are helping other people, living and dead,” he explained.

The sixth season of Kindred Spirits is set to begin with a new episode at 10pm EST on Saturday, December 18 on the Travel Channel. New episodes will also stream the same day on discovery+. 

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