‘X-Men: I, Magneto’ Epic Collection Coming in November

Chris Claremont’s reunion with the man that he co-created the new X-Men with, artist Dave Cockrum, is the main attraction in the latest X-Men Epic Collection entitled I, Magneto.

Along with Claremont and Cockrum, the collection also includes work from Jo Duffy, Bob Layton, Michael Golden, Brent Anderson, Paul Smith, Bob McLeod, John Buscema, and George Perez across a wide variety of X-Men tie-ins outside of Uncanny X-Men (issues #144-153) such as X-Men Annual #5, Avengers Annual #10, Bizarre Adventures #27, and Marvel Fanfare’s Savage Land Spider-Man/X-Men team-up in the first four issues of the prestige format anthology title.

Arcade, Doctor Doom, Arkon, Sauron, and the title villain of this Epic Collection, Magneto, menace the mutants across the Marvel Universe in this volume, but they also get some help from the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Ka-Zar Spider-Woman, and Dazzler along the way. Rogue fans are also certainly aware that the I, Magneto Epic Collection (from Avengers Annual #10) also marks her first appearance in a battle against Carol Danvers that sets the future Captain Marvel back a number of years.

Look for the X-Men: I, Magneto Epic Collection at your local comic shop on November 17 (which comes with a retail price of $44.99).

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