‘X-Men: Bishop’s Crossing’ Epic Collection Profiles the Debut of the Time-Travelling Mutant

The latest X-Men Epic Collection returns readers to the halcyon days before the Great Comics Crash with the 1991 debut of the time-hopping mutant Bishop in Bishop’s Crossing.

Bishop’s Crossing collects The Uncanny X-Men #281-288, The Uncanny X-Men Annual #16, X-Men #4-9, X-Men Annual #1, and Ghost Rider #26-27, featuring work by some of the most prominent artists and writers of the era such as Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, John Byrne, Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza, Howard Mackie, Art Thibert, John Romita, Jr., Scott Williams, Andy Kubert, Bill Sienkiewicz, Tom Raney, Rurik Tyler, Jae Lee, Jan Harps, Joe Rubinstein, Ron Wagner, Craig Russell, Brian Stelfreeze, Adam Hughes, Stuart Immonen, Dan Panosian, Greg Capullo, Mark Texeira, Joe Rubinstein, Harry Candelario, and Mike Witherby.

In addition to the origins of Bishop, the split-squad X-Men (Blue and Gold) tackle the mystery of Omega Red and secrets of Wolverine’s past, the lascivious Hellfire Club, upgraded Sentinels, the mischievous Mojo, and a crossover with one of the “hottest” stars of the early 90s, Ghost Rider, as they team-up to take on a Brood infestation in New Orleans.

The Bishop’s Crossing Epic Collection contains 448 pages, and represents stories from1991-1992, with a cover price of $49.99.

And speaking of covers, you can take a glance at cover of the Epic Collection below, which features Portacio’s iconic Uncanny X-Men #281 cover.

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