‘What If: Into the Multiverse’ Omnibus Collects Start of Second Series

The second What If? series from 1989 gets its own Omnibus in October with the title What If: Into the Multiverse.

The new Omnibus (following two volumes of the original series) includes What If Special #1, What If #1-39, and Quasar #30.

Sample scenarios include: What If Iron Man Had Been a Traitor? What if the alien costume possessed Spider-Man? What if the new X-Men died on their first mission? What if the Fantastic Four all had the same power? What if Professor X becomes the Juggernaut?, What if Wolverine was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? What if Daredevil killed the Kingpin? What if Captain America refused to give up his shield? What if Iron Man lost the Armor Wars? What if Spider-Man married Black Cat?, and What if the Vision destroyed the Avengers?

Many of the “imaginary stories” also deal with the big events of the era such as “The Evolutionary War”, “Atlantic Attacks”, and “X-Men: Inferno”, looking to capitalize on fan interest and cross-promote the event series of the day.

The Omnibus contains a plethora of writers such Peter Gillis, Roy Thomas, Danny Fingeroth, Jim Valentino, Danny Fingeroth, Ron Lim, Doug Murray, Kurt Busiek, Steve C. Ringgenberg, M.J. Jorgensen, Jean-Marc Lofficier, Glenn Herdling, Richard Howell, Dwayne McDuffie, Randy Lofficier [as R.J.M. Lofficier], Ron Marz, George Caragonne, Scott Gimple, Darren Auck, Mark Gruenwald, and Chris Claremont.

Artists whose work is represented in the collection consist of Steve Ditko, Ron Wilson, Greg Capullo, Dave Simons, Mark Bagley, Jim Valentino, Rob Liefeld, Rich Buckler, Rik Levins, Vince Mielcarek, M.J. Jorgensen, Gary Kwapisz, Richard Howell, Luke McDonnell, Ron Wilson, Rodney Ramos, Tom Morgan, Rik Levins, Gavin Curtis, Scott McDaniel, Aaron Lopresti, Joe Phillips, Dave Hoover, Mark Pacella, Marshall Rogers, M.C. Wyman, Joel Zulueta, Pat Broderick, Pat Redding, Mike Gustovich, Ian Akin, Brian Garvey, Bob Downs, Keith Williams, Sam de la Rosa, Scott Williams, Bob McLeod, Marie Severin, Chris Ivy, Doug Hazlewood, Ralph Cabrera, Jim Sanders III, Jan Anton Harps, Jimmy Palmiotti, Dan Panosian, Steve Montano, Don Hudson, Fred Fredricks, and Terry Austin.

The What If: Into the Multiverse Omnibus includes1240 pages of hair-raising content for a suggested retail price of $125.00.

Look for the Omnibus in stores on October 11 with two distinct covers by Al Milgrom and Jack Abel and a comic shop variant by Rodney Ramos.

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