‘Violent Night’ Now Available On Demand for Digital Streaming

Universal dropped one last Christmas miracle just in time to make your holiday great: Violent Night is now available for rent or purchase on digital platforms!

We skipped a review on this one because we were too busy heading back to the theater for repeat viewings, so here’s our quick take on Violent Night:

In what’s undoubtedly one of the best movies of the year and an instant Christmas movie classic, David Harbour stars as Santa Claus on a one man mission to deliver seasons beatings to a group of highly trained mercenaries on a holiday heist. If you grew up loving Die Hard, Home Alone, Commando, and more, you will have a blast watching this movie. As the title would suggest, it’s violent in all the right ways (intense, but still comical, without ever becoming too gross). But it’s also hilarious and it still manages to pack the punch of legitimate holiday spirit. This one’s got everything an eighties kid would look for in a Christmas movie!

Fans can pick up the movie today at any of their favorite digital streaming platforms. Happy Holidays indeed!

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