US Postal Service Issues 80th Anniversary Bugs Bunny Stamps

The postal service has been inundated in recent months, shipping everything from liquid hand soap to toilet paper around the US and the world. With all of these shipments, the postal workers could use some assistance, so who better than a certain rascally, resourceful rabbit to come to the rescue!

Bugs Bunny 8oth Anniversary stamps are currently available at your local post office and online through the USPS. The forever stamps come on a commemorative sheet that features many different version of the character, including: Super Bunny, Space Jam’s Toon Squad, G.I. Rabbit, court jester, opera-singing Valkyrie, barber, Hollywood star, baseball player, piano player, and mermaid.

The stamp artwork was developed in partnership with Warner Bros and feature the work of the Warner Bros. Animation artists, both on the stamp and the sketches on the back of the sheets. Greg Breeding was the designer and William J. Gicker served as art director for the Postal Service.

This marks the second time that Bugs has graced a US postal stamp, first appearing along with his fellow Looney Toons crew in 1997.

Check out the stamps below and be sure to stock up!

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