‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Finally Gets Theatrical Release this October

They say good things come to those who wait, but if you have been saving your Halloween candy from 2007 for the theatrical debut of Trick ‘r Treat, Conskipper recommends that you trash the candy on your way to the box office.

Believe it or not, that lovable Sam is coming to a theater near you this October, starting at Beyond Fest in Hollywood on October 1, and around the country at your local Cinemark, Regal, and AMC theaters. Tickets may not be on sale as of yet, but Regal will screen Trick ‘r Treat on October 6, AMC will feature the Michael Dougherty film on October 7, and Cinemark will pull out all the stops with a showing on Halloween night.

You can keep up to date on additional screening announcements at the official Trick ‘r Treat Twitter page below.

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