‘Tokyo Ghoul: Re Complete Box Set’ Manga Released by Viz Media

If you have always wanted to start reading Sui Ishida’s horror/action manga Tokyo Ghoul: Re, you can now do so all in one place.

Viz Media’s brand new box set of the sequel to the original Tokyo Ghoul manga includes all 16 volumes of the Tokyo Ghoul: re series, with an exclusive double-sided poster as well.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re is the story of Ken Kaneki, an unwitting hero who finds himself turned into a “half-ghoul” to combat the threat of the Ghoul menace. The classic “monsters battling monsters” trope soon begins with Kaneki struggling to maintain a semblance of humanity while still using his abilities to combat the evil creatures.

In Tokyo Ghoul: Re an amnesiac Kaneki (taking on the new identity of Haise Sasaki) becomes a mentor to a team of CCG investigators called the “Quinx Squad” that have similar powers to him.

Ishida began Tokyo Ghoul in 2011 in Weekly Young Jump and the series was then collected into individual volumes. Tokyo Ghoul was adapted into an anime series in 2014 and can be currently seen on Funimation.

The collection retails for $169.99 and is available from on-line retailers and book stores/comic shops across the country.

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