SweeTARTS Announces ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Limited Edition Golden Ropes Candy Dispenser Promotion

SweeTARTS just sweetened the deal on their Golden Ropes candy tie-in with Wonder Woman 1984. The brand will soon be launching a contest that rewards lucky fans with limited edition Golden Ropes candy dispensers designed by the film’s costumer designer.

According to a press release, the Golden Ropes Holster is, “crafted from vegan leather, designed in the signature ‘W’ pattern seen emblazoned on Wonder Woman’s armor and can function as a belt bag or cross body satchel.” The piece was designed by Lindy Hemming, the award-winning costume designer of Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984, The Dark Knight, Casino Royale, and more.

SweeTARTS Golden Ropes Holster

Fans can’t simply purchase one of these Golden Ropes Holsters. In order to have a chance at adding one to their collections, they must, “go to the @SweeTARTSCandy Instagram page and “lasso” (tag) a friend with the circle star emoji .” The promotion begins on Monday, July 13th.

Wonder Woman 1984 limited edition Golden Ropes SweeTARTS are available at mass market, convenience, and grocery stores now. The candy is described as, “tropical-flavored licorice rope packed with a signature tart-flavored center and takes product partnerships to a new level by paying homage to Wonder Woman’s iconic Lasso of Truth.”

We here at Conskipper wish Wonder Woman 1984 fans the best of luck in winning one of their very own Golden Ropes Holsters on Instagram! Stay tuned to Conskipper for all of the other great promotions that are sure to pop up in time for Wonder Woman 1984‘s October 2nd, 2020 release as soon as they are announced!

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