‘Spider-Man by Todd McFarlane’ Omnibus Swings into Town in September

Todd McFarlane’s reward for all of his work on The Amazing Spider-Man (and as a ploy to keep him working for Marvel before his eventual co-founding of Image Comics and the start of his Spawn series) was his very own “adjectiveless” Spider-Man title.

As artist and writer on the new series, McFarlane hit the jackpot with 2.5 million copies sold of the first issue alone, although he would only last a little over a year on as the architect of the comic.

Marvel is paying tribute to McFarlane’s run this September with a brand new Spider-Man by McFarlane Omnibus that collects all of his issues on the best selling title (#1-14, 16) and a two-part crossover with another one of his Image founders, Rob Liefeld (in X-Force #4).

The omnibus contains two five part story arcs (“Torment!” and “Perceptions”) as well as both two parters (“Sub-City” and “X-Over”) by McFarlane. The stories star not only a grittier Peter Parker, but also unhinged villains such as Lizard, Hobgoblin, Morbius, and Wendigo, and some equally unhinged guest stars including Wolverine and Ghost Rider.

Just like the original #1, the omnibus comes in your choice of three covers, one featuring the red and blue suit, one featuring the black suit, and one featuring the cover of issue #12 with Spidey and Wolvie springing into action.

The Spider-Man by McFarlane Omnibus will be in comic shops on September 8 and retails for $75.00.

Check the cover out below and be sure to stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your Spider-Man news.

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