Roger Stern and Mark Bagley’s ‘Avengers Two: Wonder Man and Beast’ Mini-Series Gets First Collection in 2023

Hardcore Avengers comic fans all have their favorite members, and if you grew up reading the title in the early 80s, the pairing of Wonder Man and Beast are probably high on that list.

One of the over-looked mini-series from 2000 gets a first time collection in January in the form of Avengers Two: Wonder Man and Beast by Roger Stern and Mark Bagley.  

The new Marvel Tales edition collects all three issues of the mini-series and is full of hijinks and drama centered around the antics of the lovable pair, and clashes with classic adversaries Lady Lotus and It, the Living Colossus in Hollywood.

Avengers Two: Wonder Man and Beast will go on sale on January 18. Check out the brand new cover by Nick Bradshaw below and keep coming back to Conskipper for all of your vintage comics news.

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