Rob Liefeld’s ‘Deadpool: Bad Blood’ Graphic Novel Returns in Comic Book Form

Rob Liefeld, Chris Sims, and Chad Bowers 2017 original hardcover graphic novel, Deadpool: Bad Blood, returns to comic shops in traditional comic book form this April.

Bad Blood will be broken up into a two issue mini-series, and features Domino, Kane, Cable, and X-Force in a high-intensity battle with the mysterious Thumper.

Liefeld is excited to see the story back in print and doesn’t “…know which call was better, the one in 2017 where Marvel told me that DEADPOOL: BAD BLOOD was the #1 graphic novel for the month or the call last month when Marvel told me they wanted to break the 100 pages up into a miniseries for audiences that may have missed the first time around! Deadpool! Cable! X-Force! Kane and the debut of Thumper! This is my favorite work, a personal work , and I’m so thrilled we are releasing it in an all new format!”

Deadpool: Bad Blood #1 will be in comic shops on April 6 and issue #2 will be out two weeks later on April 20.

Check out the two new covers by Liefeld below and keep checking back with Conskipper for all of your comic news.

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