‘Quantumania’ Suffers Worst Second Week Drop for MCU Film; ‘Cocaine Bear’ Rides High

Quantumania’s box office win was a pyric victory for the third Ant-Man film this weekend, as it suffered the worst drop in business for any MCU film so far.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania came in with an estimated $32 million take in its second weekend and a 70% drop off in sales when compared to its opening weekend.

The new film currently sits at $167 million stateside, but the shrinking box office has to be a concern for Marvel, as it appears that negative word-of-mouth and reviews have taken their toll.

While it initially appeared that the third film in the franchise would have no trouble exceeding the domestic take of Ant-Man and the Wasp (which finished with $216 million), if the film continues to slip at an accelerated rate, Quantumania may very well fall short of that total.

In more positive news for theater owners and Universal Pictures, Cocaine Bear opened in second place with an estimated $23 million. The modestly-budgeted film currently holds a score of 71% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes (and a higher Audience Score of 75%) , but a lower Cinemascore of B-, indicating that some viewers weren’t exactly sure of what they were signing up for with the horror/comedy.

Universal has to be pleased with the success of their throwback genre picture so far, even if the bear runs on empty next week.

Come back next week to see if the ant or the bear rules the roost at the weekend box office.

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