Relive Hulk’s ‘Planet Hulk’ Adventures in Reprinted Omnibus Edition

The Incredible Hulk’s adventures on the hostile planet Sakaar are once again available at your favorite earthly comic shop this February.

The Planet Hulk Omnibus (previously released in 2017) collects Fantastic Four #533-535, The Incredible Hulk #88-105, Giant Size Hulk (2006) #1, What If Planet Hulk one-shot, Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook, and Hulk-related stories from New Avengers Illuminati Special (2006) and Amazing Fantasy #15.

The Omnibus contains the fatal decision by fellow Marvel heroes to launch the Hulk into space and his arrival on the savage planet where Hulk gets to fulfill his Gladiator fantasy by doing what he normally does (smashing and bashing) in full barbarian armor and with multiple blunt and sharp objects of his choice. Amadeus Cho (super genius and future Hulk) also debuts in the collection.

The Hulk’s space battles lead directly to his return to Earth for a revenge tour in World War Hulk, which was last collected in Omnibus form in 2017.

The majority of the writing and art (on the issues from the main Hulk title) is performed by Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan, and Aaron Lopresti, with additional writing and illustrating by J. Michael Straczynski, Daniel Way, Peter David, Anthony Flamini, Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming, Alex Nino, Marshall Rogers, Gary Frank, Mike Mckone, Keu Cha, Juan Santacruz, Takeshi Miyazawa, Leonard Kirk, Rafa Sandoval, Fred Hembeck, Jim Calafiore, Ladronn, Ryan Sook, Lucio Parrillo, James Raiz, Andy Lanning, Simon Coleby, Cam Smith, Jeffery Huet, Michael Allred, Tom Palmer, Danny Miki, Sandu Florea, Jon Sibal, Raul Fernandez, and Alex Maleev.

The new edition of the Planet Hulk Omnibus retails for $100 for 656 pages of action.

Fans also get to choose between two Jose Ladronn covers from the original series (with the “battle cover” being the variant edition).

Check out both covers below and stay tuned to Conskipper for more classic comic and Hulk news.

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